Department of Catholic Education
Diocesan Council for Catholic Education

Responsibilities of the Council

The nature of the work of this council is developmental and involves processes that take time. 
It is stressed with all members of the council the importance that confidentiality is maintained in regards to the discussions and these policies until officially published. 
All policies need the Bishop's approval as he is the ultimate authority of the diocese (Can381).



The Diocesan Council for Catholic Schools is responsible for the following areas:

  • Address positive experiences seen in our diocese in regards to Catholic Education to keep the superintendent well informed

  • Address areas of need in our diocese in regards to Catholic Education

  • To review and make suggestions for update to our current policies that are managed through the Office of the Superintendent

  • To develop new policies that are needed to serve the school community

Membership of Council

Dcn. Scott J. Conway, Superintendent of Schools

Fr. Michael Houle, Episcopal Vicar

Rhonda Rose, Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Missy Rindge, Human Resources

Todd Orlando, High Schools

Jason Acosta, High Schools

Fr. Rob Trujillo, Clergy Representative

Fr. James Boddie, Clergy Representative

Micahel Masi, ELC & Elementary Education

Linda Earp, ELC & Elementary Education

Theresa Little, ELC & Elementary Education

Kathy Tuerk, Elementary Education

Krissy Thompson, ELC & Elementary Education

Frank Mackritis, ELC & Elementary Education

Monina Mulleague, Parochial

Helene Kirkpatrick, Parochial