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Mission Statement

We, the Catholic school community of the Diocese of Saint Augustine, are called to provide a Eucharist-centered educational environment committed to high academic standards, faith development, and service, thereby inspiring discipleship in all students.


What We Believe
  • We must continue to build on our rich history of education in the diocese

  • We must respect the dignity of each individual within the school community

  • We must continue to develop our partnership with parents so that each student’s spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth will develop in an atmosphere which stresses Gospel values

  • The spiritual formation of the entire school community – students, faculty and parents – must be fostered

  • Worship, community, service, arts, self-discipline, character development, and academic excellence must be part of the school’s program

  • We must prepare our students to examine the implications of moral, social justice, and global issues in an ever-changing society

  • By our example, we must offer models of Christian witness to our students and the entire community

What should a graduate look like?

A Catholic school graduate is a knowledgeable, compassionate individual, dedicated to service and able to face the challenges of the future with faith, hope, and love.




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